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Books on Education

During my career, I spent a good deal of time examining what was I was teaching, often returning to the same subjects and themes, but always returning to the question, 'is this the best education we can provide for our children?' Since 2004 I’ve been writing on the joys and frustrations of running a school and of educating and raising children in the 21st century which address this overwhelming question. If you would like to read the four volumes which include over 150 articles,  please open or download below:

“…It is a very difficult time to be a parent in a world that is changing so quickly. The tools of technology are now held by your children, who can manage things with your mobile, your laptop, your remote control at which you can only marvel. Peer pressure, the recession and competition can become an inordinate pressure for parents and children when they should be enjoying their formative years at school.”

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