Peter Tait is a New Zealander who has taught at both primary and secondary levels, in state, integrated and independent schools including seventeen years as headmaster.  He is currently a trustee of a multi-academy trust and a governor at two independent schools.  For some years, he chaired the education committee for IAPS and also sat on the ISC Education committee and on the board of ISEB.

Peter has written several books, both fiction and non-fiction, and has written extensively on education topics for the national press, (mainly the Daily Telegraph on-line) as well as a range of education magazines and websites. He has contributed to other books on Littleton Powys and a Civitas publication on the process of selection in secondary education. While he has a website that is focused on promoting on writing (www.petertait.net), this website deals exclusively with education. 

"We didn't start the fire / it was already burning"  Billy Joel


Peter has written for national newspapers both online and in print. He is a regular contributor to the education magazine Attain, a consultant for William Clarence education in London as well as a regular contributor to a range of popular and influential educational publications. Below you will find endorsements from prominent figures within the world of education who he has worked with.


 "Peter has always been at the very top of my list of people who get what education is all about. His articles on education are always worth reading and especially his views on the curriculum'


Sir Anthony Seldon, Vice-Chancellor | The University of Buckingham

   "Not only did I thoroughly enjoy going through your website, I believe it is one of the most important and            

    insightful educational repository's online."              Luke Steele  CEO ed.20

‘Peter wrote regularly for me on The Telegraph Education section, always offering well-argued, insightful and beautifully written pieces, which would really engage our various audiences and provide excellent points for discussion. He would be proactive in offering timely opinion led pieces, responding to the latest policy and education news, offering his own take - drawn from years of experience in the field - on issues affecting the whole industry. I felt lucky to have such a dedicated writer for the section.’


Josie Gurney Read, Online Education Editor,  Daily Telegraph 2013 - 2017


‘I have really enjoyed working with Peter. I find his opinions on education, current trends and predictions for the future spot on and always keen to have his input.’


Steve Spriggs, Managing Director, William Clarence Education

‘Peter has been an outstanding contributor to Attain over many years. Few writers are able to capture the complexity of parenting issues and distil them down into simple and approachable advice. When you read one of Peter's articles, you always feel you have really gained something - as a parent and a person - and to be able to write in such an engaging and knowledgeable style is a real gift.’


Matthew Smith, Editor, Attain Magazine

“Peter spoke with authority and with the weight of considerable experience in educational leadership. His talk was informative for staff and parents alike; his candid approach, laced with wit and charm, benefited all who attended.”


Ben Gudgeon,  Deputy Head, Sherborne Girls



‘I would highly recommend Peter’s talk. He is engaging and challenging, and makes people think about their interactions with teenagers. He created some positive conversations and we will certainly be inviting him back in the future’. 


Bex Brown, Director of Boarding,  Sherborne Girls



Peter has given lectures and talks in many schools, conferences and committees.  Watch the clip below from a recent parental lecture given at Sherborne Girls School. He has spoken at national coferences as a guest speaker and is regularly invited to appear on educational panels.


I’d love to hear from you!  If you’ve got anything you would like to discuss with me, I’ll do my very best to respond to requests quickly.


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